During the racing season, usually Easter to the end of August, we train at least twice a week, either at Looe or Fowey, depending on the tide and weather.

During the off season we train every Sunday at Looe to fit in with high tide.  If this is to be cancelled because of the weather then we will let everyone know by text.

Rowers are contacted by text each week to confirm the time and location for each training session.  We will also be developing RSS and other social media feeds to help disseminate details of future training and regattas.  Please keep an eye out for this functionality as the website develops.

This weather forecast is generated by the Met Office Weather Widget

Tide Times & Heights for Looe on 17th December 2017
04:47 - High Tide ( 5.15m )
11:14 - Low Tide ( 1.08m )
17:03 - High Tide ( 5.06m )
23:31 - Low Tide ( 1.02m )

Tide Times & Heights for Fowey on 17th December 2017
04:42 - High Tide ( 5.17m )
11:09 - Low Tide ( 1.08m )
16:58 - High Tide ( 5.09m )
23:26 - Low Tide ( 1.02m )