Boats and Rowing Formats

 15’ Skiffs

15’ skiffs are based on the traditional oyster and fishing working boats from Falmouth and Helford.  Skiffs today are still traditionally carvel built usually in spruce.

They are rowed in the following formats;

  • ‘Pair of Paddles’ – 1 person, with two paddles (shorter oars)


  • ‘Oar Match’ – 2 people, each with a single oar


  • ‘Randan’ – 3 people, one person in the stern and one in the bow, each with 1 oar, and a person in the middle with a pair of paddles



18’ Flashboats

18’ flashboats are based on the Tamar, Lynher and Devonport Dockyard working boats, eg those used for salmon netting.  These days flashboats are made in clinker fashion but from plywood.


Flashboats are normally rowed with 4 rowers, 1 oar each, and a coxswain.